I'm trying to learn how to use ragel in Go libraries. As I'm implementing things for practice I'll add them here. I'll be using Go 1.1, though the examples should work in Go 1.0 as well.
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Ragel Golang Examples

As I can't find good examples for Ragel code in Go1 style, and I'm going to be implementing a bunch of different parser type things to learn Ragel, I decided to go ahead and put my practice code up on Github for the next person to learn from (hopefully). I'm not associated with the people behind Ragel in any form.

Current Examples

All of the current code is 100% what I wrote excepting the Atoi, which was from an official ragel example, but was modified to be current Go style. I'm not sure how many examples I'm going to write, but current goal is 50. The code I use for ragel is

ragel -Z -G2 -o <name>.go <name>.rl
  • Atoi - Convert an integer in a string to an int64
  • Atof - Convert a float in a string to a float64
  • HexDecode - Convert a hex string into an int64
  • Comma - Separate a string into values like a csv


Any code is available under the 2-clause BSD License, a copy of which is included as the file LICENSE.