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You should have yarn and node installed.


$ yarn install


$ ./ MyKata # Create class MyKata in the directory lib/mykata and a corresponding test 
$ yarn test      # to execute the unit tests.
$ yarn lint      # to validate the style.
$ yarn lint-fix  # to validate the style and fix the obvious.
$ yarn coverage  # to open a browser and display the test coverage 
$ yarn distclean # to remove all downloaded and generated files

IntelliJ IDEA Settings

  1. Perform the steps above so that yarn test delivers reasonable output.
  2. Install the NodeJS plugin in IntelliJ IDEA (if not already installed)
    • File->Settings
    • enter Plugins in the search field, to find the plugins area
    • select Plugins and enter NodeJS in the search field
    • press the Browse repositories-button
    • select and install the NodeJS plugin
    • restart IntelliJ IDEA
  3. File->New->Project from existing sources
  4. select the root directory of the coding-dojo
  5. open the test file (test/mykata/mykata-test.js)
  6. run the test via double clicking the double green arrow to create a run configuration
  7. Edit the run configuration, it lacks ES2016 support: Run->Edit Configurations ...
  8. add Extra Mocha Options: --compilers js:babel-core/register
  9. validate it by running the tests (3 should pass, one should fail)


Node Version has to be larger than 6.2