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Apache 1.3 configuration directives found #7

mid9commander opened this Issue Aug 7, 2009 · 5 comments

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I am getting "apache 1.3 configuration directives found" whenever I put "Porter On" into my . My Rake ran without any problem when installing the mod_porter into apache, so I am not sure what the problem may be. Can you please shed some lights?


never mind, I was using the wrong includes.


This can be closed

shware commented Aug 27, 2009


I'm on CentOS Linux 5 using Apache 2.2.3 and am seeing the same issue. The modules compile cleanly but once I add Porter On to httpd.conf I get the "Apache 1.3 confguration directives found". I'm pretty sure I've got the proper include files. rake runs fine.

Any additional clues would be greatly appreciated.



heyaz commented Feb 4, 2010

Did you find a solution to the issue? I'm having the exact same problem. 4 hours of searching google only turned up this issue, with no solutions on it yet. I've started over, recompiled eveyrthing, changed settings, etc. but no luck so far.

Any ideas?

mlartz commented Apr 10, 2010

The problem is with CentOS's init script for apache (/etc/init.d/httpd). In the check13() function, they build up a regex to look for old 1.3 commands, one of which is 'Port', i.e.:


This hits on the "Porter" string. I solved it by patching the init script to add a space after the 'Port':

sed -i 's/Port/Port /' /etc/init.d/httpd

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