Fails when using the iframe redirect hack #9

ReubenM opened this Issue Sep 11, 2009 · 3 comments

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I have my upload form set up to use the iframe redirect hack to simulate an AJAX upload. When modporter is enabled, it downloads the entire file correctly, but when it hands it back to rails, the file created is zero length and the "render :update" code does not get to the browser.

I assume that the "render :update" is getting sent to mod_porter rather than the browser since mod_porter is acting as a middle man. (?)

If you need the code being used, let me know.


I didn't realize the hash is different than the normal upload, so that would explain the zero length file.

However I can't seem to access anything in the hash created by ModPorter. You do still access the hash (in this case, the filename) using conventions like params[:file][:data][:filename] correct?

If I try to access anything beyond inside of [:data] I get an error:

undefined method `[]' for #


poked through the plugin and got the whole hash vs method thing figured out. Then spent week going insane not able to figure out why it still wouldn't work. Turns out I have a very bad habit of misspelling "original". (slaps forhead)

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