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Google Cloud SDK 219.0.1
bq 2.0.34
core 2018.09.28
gsutil 4.34

Google Cloud SDK 234.0.0
bq 2.0.41
core 2019.02.08
gsutil 4.36
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GitHub Action for Google Cloud Auth

The GitHub Actions for Google Cloud Platform and wraps the gcloud SDK for authorizing a service account. This is a thin wrapper around the gcloud auth command, facilitating providing credentials securely using Secrets.


Example Workflow file

An example workflow to authenticate with Google Cloud Platform:

workflow "Run gcloud Login" {
  on = "push"
  resolves = "Load credentials"

action "Setup Google Cloud" {
  uses = "actions/gcloud/auth@master"
  secrets = ["GCLOUD_AUTH"]

Subsequent actions in the workflow will then be able to use gcloud as that user (see cli for examples).


  • GCLOUD_AUTH Required Base64 encoded service account key exported as JSON
    • For information about service account keys please see the Google Cloud docs
    • For information about using Secrets in Actions please see the Actions docs.

Example on encoding from a terminal : base64 ~/<account_id>.json


The Dockerfile and associated scripts and documentation in this project are released under the MIT License.

Container images built with this project include third party materials. See for details.