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GitHub Action for NPM

This Action for npm enables arbitrary actions with the npm command-line client, including testing packages and publishing to a registry.


An example workflow to build, test, and publish an npm package to the default public registry follows:

workflow "Build, Test, and Publish" {
  on = "push"
  resolves = ["Publish"]

action "Build" {
  uses = "actions/npm@master"
  args = "install"

action "Test" {
  needs = "Build"
  uses = "actions/npm@master"
  args = "test"

# Filter for a new tag
action "Tag" {
  needs = "Test"
  uses = "actions/bin/filter@master"
  args = "tag"

action "Publish" {
  needs = "Tag"
  uses = "actions/npm@master"
  args = "publish --access public"
  secrets = ["NPM_AUTH_TOKEN"]


  • NPM_AUTH_TOKEN - Optional. The token to use for authentication with the npm registry. Required for npm publish (more info)

Environment variables

  • NPM_REGISTRY_URL - Optional. To specify a registry to authenticate with. Defaults to
  • NPM_CONFIG_USERCONFIG - Optional. To specify a non-default per-user configuration file. Defaults to $HOME/.npmrc (more info)


To authenticate with, and publish to, a registry other than

action "Publish" {
  uses = "actions/npm@master"
  args = "publish --access public"
  env = {
  secrets = ["NPM_AUTH_TOKEN"]


The Dockerfile and associated scripts and documentation in this project are released under the MIT License.

Container images built with this project include third party materials. See for details.