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 - @actions/core@1.1.0
 - @actions/exec@1.0.1
 - @actions/github@1.1.0
 - @actions/io@1.0.1
 - @actions/tool-cache@1.1.1
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You can use this package to execute your tools on the command line in a cross platform way:

const exec = require('@actions/exec');

await exec.exec('node index.js');


You can also pass in arg arrays:

const exec = require('@actions/exec');

await exec.exec('node', ['index.js', 'foo=bar']);


Capture output or specify other options:

const exec = require('@actions/exec');

let myOutput = '';
let myError = '';

const options = {};
options.listeners = {
  stdout: (data: Buffer) => {
    myOutput += data.toString();
  stderr: (data: Buffer) => {
    myError += data.toString();
options.cwd = './lib';

await exec.exec('node', ['index.js', 'foo=bar'], options);

Exec tools not in the PATH

You can use it in conjunction with the which function from @actions/io to execute tools that are not in the PATH:

const exec = require('@actions/exec');
const io = require('@actions/io');

const pythonPath: string = await io.which('python', true)

await exec.exec(`"${pythonPath}"`, ['']);
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