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WIP - spike out a tiny JS parser #10

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piki commented Jan 26, 2019

We've wanted a Javascript parser for the .workflow format for a while. Several entirely sane, don't-repeat-yourself approaches didn't pan out. The golang parser binary is too big (4.5MB+) to run in wasm. The ANTLR-generated JS parser is about 500KB. gopherjs generated too big a file, too.

I figured a language this simple could be parsed by a much smaller Javascript file. This PR introduces such a file, implementing a hand-rolled recursive-descent parser. At the moment, it parses syntax but does not validate things like key names, value types, event-name and uses value contents, or the dependency graph. It just turns a .workflow file into an AST.

The good news is it's absolutely tiny. The human-readable JS is about 7KB, and minified+gzipped, it's currently 1467 bytes.

piki added some commits Jan 26, 2019

Use str.substring instead of str.substr
str.substr's second argument is the length of the string, not the final
index.  `str.substr(..., str.length)` ends up the same, because there are
no index-out-of-bounds errors, but `str.substring(..., str.length)` feels
Keep lexing after bad escapes
We still terminate lexing after an unterminated heredoc (which by
definition eats to EOF) and after illegal character (which often is the
beginning of a longer bad sequence).

@piki piki referenced this pull request Jan 29, 2019


Disallow control characters #12

piki added some commits Jan 29, 2019

Disallow some control characters
`\s` allows `[\t\n\v\f\r ]`.  Now we allow only the common whitespace
characters, `[\t\n\r ]`.  That means we exclude all control characters
except \n, \r, and \t.
Simplify comment regex
The previous regex (roughly `/#.*\n/`) rejected any line like `#\r\n` with
`#` as an illegal character, because the `\r` doesn't match `.`, so the
regex never finds its `\n`.  If we don't look for the `\n`, we get the
right result.

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shawnbot commented Feb 7, 2019

Dumb question: Since the workflow format is HCL-compatible, would it be possible to use something that already exists, like tf-hcl (made with nearley)?


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piki commented Feb 8, 2019

tf-hcl would be a fine replacement for this branch. Since it's a vanilla HCL parser, we'd need to fork it and make our changes to ignore string interpolations and prohibit control characters.

For comparison's sake, the minified-and-gzipped JS from tf-hcl is around 5KB. Bigger than this parser, but not enough to matter. It's an impressive result for a generated parser.

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