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XPath search plugin for Vim
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vim-xpath Build Status

A plugin to allow XPath search and evaluation on XML documents being edited in vim, using the python lxml library. Open an XML document, run the :XPathSearchPrompt command, and type an XPath to see it evaluated before your very eyes. Results appear in the vim location list.

Requires python, vim+python and the python lxml library to be installed. For full installation/usage instructions, see doc/xpath.txt (:help xpath.txt)

This is a complete rewrite of the old version of the xpath plugin. Features of the rewrite:

  • [✔] Proper namespace support
  • [✔] Use the loclist instead of a custom output buffer, for more standard vim behavior
  • [✔] Handle line numbers on large XML files correctly
  • Reworking of auto-completion functionality - TBC
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