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dble (pronouced "double", less bug and no "ou") is maintained by ActionTech.

What is dble?

dble is a high scalability middle-ware for MySQL sharding.

  • Sharding As your business grows, you can use dble to replace the origin single MySQL instance.

  • Compatible with MySQL protocol Use dble as same as MySQL. You can replace MySQL with dble to power your application without changing a single line of code in most cases.

  • High availability dble server can be used as clustered, business will not suffer from single node fail.

  • SQL Support Support(some in Roadmap) SQL 92 standard and MySQL dialect. We support complex SQL query like group by, order by, distinct, join ,union, sub-query(in Roadmap) and so on.

  • Complex Query Optimization Optimize the complex query, including, without limitation, Global-table join sharding-table, ER-relation tables, Sub-Queries, Simplifying select items, and the like.

  • Distributed Transaction Support Distributed Transaction using two-phase commit. You can choose normal mode for performance or XA mode for data safety, of course, the XA mode dependent on MySQL-5.7's XA Transaction, MySQL node's high availability and data reliability of disk.


dble is based on MyCat. First of all, thanks to the contributors from MyCat.

For us, focusing on MySQL is a better choice. So we cancelled the support for other databases, deeply improved/optimized its behavior on compatibility, complex query and distributed transaction. And of course, fixed lots of bugs.

For more details, see Roadmap and Issues .


Read the Roadmap.



Quick start

Read the Quick Start or Quick Start With Docker or Quick Start With Docker-Compose.


Official website

For more information, please visit the official website.


Releases Download Link Or The Other Image



Contributions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. See for details on submitting patches and the contribution workflow.


Contact us

Dble has enterprise support plans, you may contact our sales team:

  • Global Sales: 400-820-6580
  • North China: 86-13718877200, Mr.Wang
  • South China: 86-18503063188, Mr.Cao
  • East China: 86-18930110869, Mr.Liang
  • South-West China: 86-13540040119, Mr.Hong