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dble-test-suite is maintained by ActionTech.

What is dble-test-suite?

dble-test-suite is a database midware test suites.

  • sql cover There is a full set of targeted sqls collected manually according to MySQL docs, you can test the database midware's sql support with it.

  • dble test This test suites is originated from dble test. You can test dble with it when you make changes to dble.

  • database midware test reference If you want to find how to test a database midware, you can get reference here.


Official website

For more information, please visit the official website.


Contributions are very welcomed and greatly appreciated. See for details on submitting patches and the contribution workflow.


Contact us

Dble has enterprise support plans, you may contact our sales team:

  • Global Sales: 400-820-6580
  • North China: 86-13718877200, Mr. Wang
  • South China: 86-18503063188, Mr. Cao
  • East China: 86-18930110869, Mr. Liang
  • South-West China: 86-13540040119, Mr. Hong