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Robotium is an Android test framework that has full support for Activities, Dialogs, Toasts, Menus and Context Menus.
[Remote Robotium] is an extension to the current Robotium framework that allows to test multiple emulator or even real device instances at the same time with JUnit(without Android JUnit), or even execute remote instructions without any test frameworks.
Video Demo:
The project home page is at
1. Project layout
| (part of the remote control client API)
| (common libs, protocols used by server and client)
| (part of the remote control server component running on Android device/emulator)
| |
| |-/robotium-server-app
| |
| |-/RemoteSoloExamples
(standalone Robotium API that works with standard Android test suite)
2.Building the Robotium
In order to successfully build the Robotium project, it mainly requires
installing the building tools below:
- m2eclipse:
- Setup your ANDROID_HOME system environment variable to /<Android SDK Location>/platform-tools/
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