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<div id="login">
<h2><%= render_or_call_method_or_proc_on(self, active_admin_application.site_title) %> <%= title t('active_admin.devise.login.title') %></h2>
<% scope = Devise::Mapping.find_scope!(resource_name) %>
<%= active_admin_form_for(resource, as: resource_name, url: send(:"#{scope}_session_path"), html: { id: "session_new" }) do |f|
f.inputs do
resource.class.authentication_keys.each_with_index { |key, index|
f.input key, label: t('active_admin.devise.'+key.to_s+'.title'), input_html: { autofocus: }
f.input :password, label: t('active_admin.devise.password.title')
f.input :remember_me, label: t('active_admin.devise.login.remember_me'), as: :boolean if devise_mapping.rememberable?
f.actions do
f.action :submit, label: t('active_admin.devise.login.submit'), button_html: { value: t('active_admin.devise.login.submit') }
<%= render partial: "active_admin/devise/shared/links" %>
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