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Decorators #1079

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I use the draper gem a lot and I frequently end up doing this sort of thing:

show do
  # Instead of:
  attributes_table :name, :week_day, :description

  # We must do this:
    panel I18n.t('active_admin.details', :model => active_admin_config.resource_name) do
      attributes_table_for resource.decorator, :name, :week_day, :description

I keep on thinking of adding some automatically-use-the-decorator-if-it-is-present code and before I consider making a pull request I'm wondering if other people use decorators in this way and if this feature would be appreciated upstream.

This isn't a request for anyone else to implement this, I'll be happy to do it, I just want to know if there's interest.



This is something I'd like to see implemented in ActiveAdmin. It could either auto magically present a decorator to the index / show / form blocks or it could be set in the DSL via: decorator: CustomPostDecorator.

I would love to see you implementing this! :)


Ok, I think I have a decent start

I'm trying to write tests for this, but I haven't been able to get the test suite working. Sometimes I get a stack level too deep and sometimes I get a "[NOTE] You may have encountered a bug in the Ruby interpreter or extension libraries."


@amiel That ight be a bug with your ruby interpreter then...? You can switch rails version by running 'ruby script/use_rails 3.2.0' for instance. Maybe try another ruby? :)


@pcreux I'll try more versions of ruby. I did completely re-install ruby-1.9.3-p0 and all gems.
Another issue is that since there are no tests for ActiveAdmin::Views::Pages::Index and ActiveAdmin::Views::Pages::Show, I'm kind of shooting in the dark.
Any help on getting some tests going for those would be appreciated.

@pcreux pcreux was assigned

Ok, I got some tests working. I'm not sure exactly what was going on, but the stack-level too deep was my fault, and I think the Ruby interpreter bug was resolved by switching to ruby-1.9.2... shrug

Here's my status on this:

  • Show page uses the decorator if resource.responds_to?(:decorator)
  • Index page uses the decorator if config[:decorator] is given or if it can assume one with "#{ active_admin_config.resource_class_name }Decorator"
  • I have some tests on Show#resource_with_decorator

Still TODO:

  • Write some tests for Index
  • Possibly use the correct const_defined? api to test if the index decorator exists instead of rescuing NameError
  • Document
    • Also note that this requires that FooDecorator.decorate returns a proxy that allows the pagination and scope stuff to still work (recent versions of jcasimir/draper do this, but I'm not sure yet in what version this was introduced).
  • Allow the show page to be configurable the same way as the index page.

@pcreux would it be appropriate to open a pull request now and move the discussion there, or would you rather I wait until all of this is done?


See PR #1117 which is sweet!

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