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Code Bug causes SegFault #1269

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I have been tracking this bug for quite some time with the Ruby Core Issue#5986 team and then with EventMachine Issue#318.

It turns out that an infinite loop is caused by and Arbre::HTML::Element#to_ary method, as explained by note #13.
It seams that this is somewhat out of place.

Please Verify.


Relevant portion of the linked issue on Ruby Core for those interested:

Arbre::HTML::Element (which is defined in active_admin) defines #to_ary wrongly, as the class does not mimic Array class.

  def to_ary [self]

(The Collection class inherits Array). And, an instance of the class is passed to Kernel.puts, which cause a bug.

In short, this is considered like the following small code:

class Foo
  def to_ary [self]

(This code does not cause SEGV in my 32 bit system, but naruse said
it does in x86_64)

This causes infinite recursion, which leads to stack overflow.
This behavior can be also observed in the following stack trace:

I played around with this a little bit on my system (32-bit ubuntu) and it does segfault with the example code he posted (on 1.9.3-p125, latest 1.9.3 I think).

If you just define to_a instead of to_ary, everything works fine. I have not run the test suite but that seems like the fix to me.


Changing to_ary to to_a fails a bunch of tests, I'm going to look into some stuff, may be a fun learning experience.


Arbre is now external to activeadmin. Please open issue there if still a problem

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