Question regarding interest in moving to ransack from meta_search #1685

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So as you guys know, ransack supercedes meta_search and has API differences, though not very significant ones afaict. I have a bit of a conundrum presently. I would like to commit to active_admin, to add support for its default filters not failing when thrown columns it doesn't understand (for instance, rails4-style postgres inet column types). However, the filtering is provided by meta_search. Since meta_search is a defunct project and ransack is the future, it makes no sense to me to try to extend meta_search to support this sort of behaviour.

I'd considered diving in to upgrade active_admin to support ransack, and then sending a pull_request to @ernie for ransack to support these upcoming column types if it doesn't yet (which are available in rails 3.2 with postgres_ext), but if there's no chance of any ransack-related pull request being merged in a moderately shortish timeframe then I'm disincentivized to commit to two separate open source projects. As a way of minimizing my risk, I was hoping to open up a dialog with you guys regarding the best way for me to contribute code of that nature. Thoughts?

Thanks for your time. Also figured I'd ping @parndt because he usually has good suggestions regarding how to navigate this sort of conundrum that permeates the open source world (I wouldn't have it any other way, of course). Thanks for your time :)


It seems like MetaSearch will be abandoned, so we should move to Ransack. I would merge a pull request that replaces MetaSearch with Ransack.


+1 for using Ransack.


I'm all for seeing projects move off MetaSearch and onto Ransack. 👍

The column type support will be mostly implemented at the ARel layer, I think, so there shouldn't be much to do on the Ransack side.


+1 for Ransack

I've also run into filtering issues with meta_search. Plus looking at the list of pull requests (some a ~year old) to meta_search, I'm thinking its a dependency thats approaching end of usefulness. I would also be willing to contribute to a ransack migration for active admin.


Guys, take a look at this PR: #1811
I hope this is something you are searching for


+1 for Ransack


Smart move 👍

Active Admin member

Once this PR is finished & merged, we'll be using Ransack.

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