Adding activeadmin to gem file makes bundle install hang. #182

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Really keen to use activeadmin looks amazing. Great work guys. However I cant seem to install the gems for it. When I add activeadmin to my gemfile bundle install just hangs

~/code/rails/activeadmintest $ bundle install
Fetching source index for

If I remove the gem from my gem file then everything works. Any ideas or is this an issue with rubygems?


I'm having same error today

pcreux commented Jun 9, 2011

It hangs for more than 5 minutes?

pcreux commented Jun 10, 2011

It works fine for me with Bundler version 1.0.7 and the following line in my Gemfile:
gem 'activeadmin', :git => 'git://', :ref => '6af84dd9f42d0007bcec'


Yes, right now I have more than 15 minutes waiting. Some info:

% bundle --version 
Bundler version 1.0.13


gem 'activeadmin', :git => 'git://', :branch => 'rails-3-1'

Same issue, same config as guilleiguaran

webmat commented Jun 10, 2011

+1 on this issue. I've been having it on and off as well.

webmat commented Jun 10, 2011

I tried it on a brand new Rails 3.1.rc3 app, with only 1 line added to the gemfile:

source ''

gem 'rails', '3.1.0.rc3'
gem 'activeadmin', :git => 'git://', :branch => "rails-3-1"

It took a good while of perusing Hacker News to get to:

$ bundle install
Bundling your gems. This may take a few minutes on first run.
Updating git://
Fetching source index for
Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "arel":
  In Gemfile:
    activeadmin depends on
      arel (~> 1.0.0.rc1)

    rails (= 3.1.0.rc3) depends on
      arel (2.1.1)

Maybe active_admin's dependency on Rails >= 3.0.0 is what's causing this?


This only happens in the rails-3-1 branch and is because of a dependency on a pre-release of meta_search. to fix the problem, add this to your Gemfile:

gem "meta_search",    '>= 1.1.0.pre'
@gregbell gregbell closed this Jun 10, 2011
webmat commented Jun 10, 2011

Awesome, thanks!

Bivek commented Oct 4, 2011

Thanks Greg.


Cheers for this one. Works for me now and made some clients very happy :)


@gregbell - I am getting the same issue in rails 4,
gem "meta_search", '>= 1.1.0.pre' doesn't resolve my issue..
Any Solution please?


ActiveAdmin (compatible with rails 4) doesn't use meta_search. In your Gemfile you should be including ActiveAdmin like this:

gem 'activeadmin', github: 'gregbell/active_admin'
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