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Sass::SyntaxError related to active_admin/mixins #214

andersonbrandon opened this Issue · 20 comments

Started GET "/assets/active_admin.css" for at 2011-06-21 01:33:07 -0500
Error compiling asset active_admin.css:
Sass::SyntaxError: File to import not found or unreadable: active_admin/mixins.
Load paths:
(in /Users/brandon/Projects/aa_test/app/assets/stylesheets/active_admin.css.scss)

Latest active_admin, rails 3.1.0.rc4 - possibly related to fixes from #212 - haven't had a chance to track it down or patch it yet, and is probably a simple fix, but it should be documented.


This should be fixed now on the latest rails-3-1 branch.

@gregbell gregbell closed this

I have this same issue with latest version both from master and rails-3-1 branches

edit: I'm using rails 3.1.0.rc4

edit 2: This was fixed for me by using the gem sass-rails instread of just sass


Godisemo's sass-rails suggestion worked for me as well.


'sass-rails' is already present in the group :assets in rails 3.1. What do i have to change ?


I have sass-rails ~> 3.1.0 in Gemfile, active_admin from Github and Rails 3.1.0 and I have the same error


in active_admin.css.sass i've changed:

@import "active_admin/mixins";
@import "active_admin/base";


@import "active_admin/mixins.css";
@import "active_admin/base.css";

And now that error is gone :)


My bad, it still isn't working, becouse inside activeadmin there are another imports without .css extenstion and i have similar error :/


Ok, changing that file from scss to sass with .css extenstions for imports fixed it


actually migrating to Rails 3.1.1.rc1 fixed finally all the problems with compiling activeadmin assets, #490 (comment)


I can confirm that issue on ActiveAdmin 0.4.3, rails 3.2.3 with heroku


Please reopen the issue, I'm having the issue with the latest ActiveAdmin.


Also confirming for ActiveAdmin 0.4.4 with Rails 3.2.2 on Heroku.


Same here. ActiveAdmin 0.4.4. with rails 3.2.2 on Heroku.


Also occurs on Mac OS X Lion, with Rails 3.2.3, ActiveAdmin 0.4.4, Ruby 1.9.3-p194. Same Rails project works fine on an Ubuntu 11.10 system (with identical software versions). Ruby installed via rvm on both machines.


I was having this issue and then found this:

I moved gem 'sass-rails', "~> 3.2.3" outside of the :assets group in my Gemfile and it fixed the issue, but this doesn't seem right as rails puts it in that group by default...


@camilleroux move it out from that group worked for me.


@spilliton actually the better thing to do here might be to go into config/application.rb and comment out the first Bundler.require line and uncomment the second Bundler.require line. The preceding comment says this...

"If you want your assets lazily compiled in production, use this line"


@nathanhinish thanks for pointing me toward that, I didn't have that line in my application.rb, but when I searched it came up in some gems.

I reverted my Gemfile to have the requirement in the assets group and added this to the bottom of my application.rb

Bundler.require(:default, :assets, 'development')

Seemed to work :)


I moved the gem sass-rails outside of the :assets group in my Gemfile and it fixed the issue too.


Moving sass-rails out of the assets group was the solution for me as well. Thanks for the fix!

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