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Getting error: couldn't find file 'jquery.ui.datepicker' #3257

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Fresh rails 4.1.1 app, added Active Admin gem, followed the setup steps, when I browse to http://localhost:3000/admin/ I get the above error when trying to render the admin login page.

I've tried adding the jquery-ui-rails gem to my Gemfile, bundling and restarting, but it doesn't help. There are a bunch of related questions on Stack Overflow, but they don't seem to help (and are quite old).


+1, I have tried specifically adding the jquery-ui-rails gem, and downgrading jquery-rails to 2.3.0 as stackoverflow answers have suggested, neither works.


I'm getting the same problem here


jquery-ui-rails 5.0.0 has renamed the .js files that AA uses. As a workaround, until AA is updated, put the 4.2.1 version in your gemfile and re-run bundle:

gem 'jquery-ui-rails', '~> 4.2.1'

@mfairburn nvm I forgot to restart the rails server, after restarting the server AA starts loading


Thanks, @mfairburn that works for now.


Looks like this has been fixed. If you require 4 now, it will break as active_admin is referencing the new paths. You can remove jquery-ui-rails from your Gemfile completely.

See: 7b9ad75


Sorry, yes, this has been resolved. This ticket fell through the cracks since it wasn't referenced by the other tickets.

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