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jamsi commented May 19, 2011

Any idea how to achieve this in Index as a table?


With the current implementation, changing widths is not possible. For this to work, the ActiveAdmin::Views::TableFor#column method should allow you to pass in the html attributes just like a DOM element.

@gregbell gregbell closed this May 19, 2011

Any news on the possibility to apply a particular class to a column? Or at least apply a width?

The class or with could be set like:

show_table 'table' do
column(:id, :class => 'my_class')
column(:date, :width => 123)


I was also wondering about this. The documentation is here for reference:


I found an easier way is to target the column in the CSS like:


#index_table_users .col-misc {
  min-width: 85px;
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