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auto_link method does not seem to work in production rails #74

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I used the auto_link method in a few of my models and everything works in development mode but when switching to production the auto_link method no longer returns a link. Link_to seems to work just fine.


I'm pretty sure auto_link no longer exists in rails 3.1. you may need a plugin for it. If you're not on 3.1, disregard this message

@gregbell gregbell was assigned

Active Admin overrides the auto_link method so it should be available to you in any version of Rails. I'm going to mark this as a bug and get it fixed for the next release.

Could you post the code your using in a gist?


@fractur3d Can't reproduce this so far. Do you still have this problem? What version of Rails are you using?


OK, it also happened with me and I've been able to semi-figure out the problem.

The problem is that for the second request to server, line 102 of this file returns nil, because object_id of model classes have changed for second request and so resources.values.find() fails as returns an array that refers to older object_id of same model classes.

This is probably closely related to issues #707 and #170.

I'm using plain old WEBrick in development environment with Rails 3.1.1, Ruby 1.8.7 and ActiveAdmin 0.3.3.


This is working in production for us now. Please re-open if it becomes an issue again.

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