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Bug: Invalid SQL when sorting tables with a column named "group" #971

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If I use ActiveAdmin to manage a model with a field named "group", and I include that field as a column in the index, then clicking on the column header to sort by group produces the following error:

SQLite3::SQLException: near "group": syntax error: SELECT  "mymodel".* FROM "mymodel"  ORDER BY "mymodel".group desc LIMIT 30 OFFSET 0

It looks to me like the column name should be quoted as well - I traced this down to lib/active_admin/resource_controller/collection.rb, line 53 as of commit 813c86b. It works correctly for me if I change that line to:

table_column = (column =~ /\./) ? column : "#{table}.`#{column}`"

But I'm getting a hard Ruby crash trying to run the test suite, so I'm not able to see what other things that might affect.



@ggilder ggilder referenced this issue from a commit in ggilder/active_admin
Gabriel Gilder fix SQL error with unquoted column names (#971)
- Add ActiveAdmin::Resource#resource_quoted_column_name to provide access to ActiveRecord's built-in column name quoting
- Modify ActiveAdmin::ResourceController::Collection::BaseCollection::Sorting#sort_order to quote the column name used in sorting
- Modify spec for ActiveAdmin::ResourceController::Collection to reflect expectation of having column name quoted
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@gregbell gregbell closed this
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