table ids are now prefixed by "index_table_" to correct HTML document validity #1966

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as discussed here: gregbell#1965 (comment)

It would be good though to the IndexTableFor class being specced in isolation.

Tiago Cardoso changed the id format of the index tables, thereby correcting the val…
…idity of the generated HTML, which was seeing the same id being attributed multiple times in the same document

macfanatic commented Mar 5, 2013

Looks good, will make sure the tests pass & merge in when I get a chance.

@exviva exviva and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Mar 5, 2013

@@ -108,8 +108,9 @@ module Views
class IndexAsTable < ActiveAdmin::Component
def build(page_presenter, collection)
+ debugger

exviva Mar 5, 2013




macfanatic Mar 5, 2013


Good eye, was just testing locally & noticed that

@tiagocardoso1983 - will you amend your commit to remove that & force a push back up to this branch?


seanlinsley commented Mar 5, 2013

Speaking of, @macfanatic do you have any idea what's wrong with our Travis builds?


macfanatic commented Mar 5, 2013

@daxter - I'm not familiar with Travis, but I can see for instance that there are 15 cukes that fail, related to filters & scoping of index listings. Was going to pair with someone to see what could be done about that.

ups, sorry about that, will take care of it.

hope there's no more garbage left :)

macfanatic closed this Mar 5, 2013

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