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Added numeric ability for text nodes. #470

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I discovered that table_for (and any tag really) created with Arbre with the content of a numeric value would just not display anything. For example:

table_for(article) do
  column("Article Comments") { |a| a.comments_count }

The column for comments will be blank because "comments_count" is a number.
The code in builder.rb prevents this on this line:

if tag.is_a?(String)
  current_dom_context << Arbre::HTML::TextNode.from_string(tag)

I added spec but wasn't sure if it was to par, sorry if isn't.


This has been already reported in #154 and it also accepts any object that has to_s method.

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@gregbell gregbell referenced this pull request from a commit
@gregbell gregbell Add any object that repsonds to to_s to the DOM in Arbre blocks.
Before this commit:

  index do
    column("My Column"){ 1 }

Would result in an empty column. Now the object is appended to the DOM
and will result in a colum of "1"s.

The return value is ignored if the user has already appended other
elements to the DOM. This might trip up some users, however it is more
likely that you are either going to build up a DOM structure or return a
simple value, not both.

Thanks for the pull requests from @bobbytables and @utkarshkukreti

References isses #470, 154

Fixed on master in 9cb2b90

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Commits on Sep 12, 2011
  1. @bobbytables
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4 lib/active_admin/arbre/builder.rb
@@ -102,7 +102,9 @@ def with_current_dom_context(tag)
def insert_text_node_if_string(tag)
if tag.is_a?(String)
current_dom_context << Arbre::HTML::TextNode.from_string(tag)
- end
+ elsif tag.kind_of?(Numeric)
+ current_dom_context << Arbre::HTML::TextNode.from_string(tag.to_s)
+ end
8 spec/unit/arbre/html/tag_spec.rb
@@ -16,8 +16,14 @@
it "should set the hash of options to the attributes" do
tag.attributes.should == { :id => "my_id" }
+ it "should set contents to a string if passed a numeric value" do
+ numeric_tag =
+ 42, :id => "answer_to_life"
+ numeric_tag.content.should == 42.to_s
+ end
describe "creating a tag 'for' an object" do
let(:model_name){ mock(:singular => "resource_class")}
let(:resource_class){ mock(:model_name => model_name) }
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