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Formtastic 2.0 support #527

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ebeigarts commented Sep 24, 2011

I have refactored all the input helers to use the new Formtastic 2.0 custom input convention and the code looks much cleaner now.

This is not compatible with Formtastic 1.2, since there have been a lot of changes between 1.2 and 2.0.

I can confirm that all specs and cucucmber features are passing and it is already working in one of my applications.

AWESOME! I'll definitely be using your fork until this is accepted by @gregbell

rojotek commented Sep 24, 2011

would love to see this pulled in.


gregbell commented Sep 25, 2011

Hi @ebeigarts. Thanks for your work!

I haven't gotten a chance to go through the code yet, but I hope to get this merged in this week. We may have to support both version of formtastic for while to make it easier for users to upgrade.

Paxa commented Sep 26, 2011

Thanks you bro!


pcreux commented Sep 26, 2011

@ebeigarts Thank you!

jcuervo commented Sep 26, 2011

@ebeigarts Kudos to you!


mattvague commented Sep 26, 2011

Awesome work, you deserve many cupcakes!


macfanatic commented Sep 29, 2011

Very excited about this addition!


gregbell commented Sep 29, 2011

It seems like Formtastic 2 is a drop in replacement for v1. Does anyone have any objections to setting Formtastic 2 to as dependency?

Obviously this means any application using Active Admin needs to upgrade to Formtastic 2. Anyone have any upgrade stories to share?

@mattvague - Was the upgrade seamless at VersaPay (minus Active Admin)?


pcreux commented Sep 29, 2011

Would it be hard to keep implementations for Formastic 1 & 2 (at least
until 0.4.0) otherwise? Unless it's really just a drop-in replacement. :)



ebeigarts commented Sep 29, 2011

@pcreux it would require moving at least 2 methods from formtastic 1.2 to active admin, see gregbell#499 (comment)


mattvague commented Sep 29, 2011

@gregbell There weren't too many problems that I recall when I tried to do the upgrade aside from a couple name changes in formtastic.rb and changing a few monkey patches (and of course AA).

I'm in favour of setting 2.0 as a dependency. I'd rather force people to upgrade to 2.0 to than prevent them from upgrading to it. If worse comes to worst people can always lock to an older version of ActiveAdmin if they can't upgrade Formtastic for some reason.

I'm waiting for this patch... I need formtastic 2, and i dont want to install active_admin as plugin for my new project :(

Aze commented Sep 30, 2011

Great job, great job!

bdastous commented Oct 6, 2011

Also waiting for the FT 2.0 patch... I need the "member_label" option for my checkbox inputs :D


mattvague commented Oct 6, 2011

@gregbell @pcreux Have we come to a consensus on whether or not to merge this and drop support for < Formtastic 2.0 in future version of AA? This has been sitting here forever and I'd love to see it merged!

mhuggins commented Oct 6, 2011



Zequez commented Oct 10, 2011

Thanks! Hope it gets pulled in soon ^^


radanskoric commented Oct 11, 2011

Is there any news on the ETA for this? A lot of people would be grateful, including myself. :)


szymon-przybyl commented Oct 12, 2011

+1, it will also fix a bug when using active_admin and client_side_validations in the same app: gregbell#607

Thanks! Great job! I really need this update.


pcreux commented Oct 13, 2011

Please use @ebeigarts fork until @gregbell get a chance to review & merge this pull request.


gregbell commented Oct 13, 2011

This is going to be merged in. We're going to release it as 0.4.0 and change the dependency of Active Admin to formtastic ~> 2. I should have a chance to merge it in over the next couple of days.


gregbell commented Oct 15, 2011

Thanks for this update Edgars! I just merged it in.

@gregbell gregbell closed this Oct 15, 2011

Thanks @gregbell!! :)

jcuervo commented Oct 16, 2011

Thank you very much! I think a lot of people will be more than happy with these updates!


Zequez commented Oct 17, 2011



jpemberthy commented Oct 31, 2011


Currently it is still not available within gemcutter :(

Just wondering if there are any plans to release with support for Formtastic 2 anytime soon? I'm not able to use other gems because active_admin is holding me back!


mrcasals commented Dec 18, 2011

@jmaskell just use the git version of Active Admin :)

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