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I think not everyone wants to use comments by default. I added new generator which create all necessary migrations for comments and enable comments functionality.

+module ActiveAdmin
+ module Generators
+ class CommentsGenerator < Rails::Generators::Base
+ desc "Generats the necessary migrations for ActiveAdmin comments"

mrcasals Dec 12, 2011


Whoops, just a little typo here :) Generats should be Generates :)

Yep. You are right


ahx commented Dec 13, 2011

I like the comments feature, but maybe it should be extracted into an extra project.


pcreux commented Dec 21, 2011

Wow! This is cool, I like it!

If @ahx or @mrcasals can test it and confirm that it works, I merge it.

Note: It's taking us a long time to test pull requests (more than reviewing the code) so if we can share the test work we should be quicker at merging pull requests in.

@gregbell Are you ok with this feature?

@gregbell is there anything else I can do to help you to accept this pull-request?


hron84 commented Jan 17, 2012



spacecowb0y commented Jan 25, 2012


So any news?

kduffey commented Sep 20, 2012

Is there a way to customize the comments like adding another field to them? I want to add a 'status' field to the comments and then when I use the command to include comments, it includes my added field in the form?


seanlinsley commented Apr 25, 2013

This PR has grown stale, so I'm going to close it. Either way, I'm not convinced that the commenting system should be off by default.

@aderyabin aderyabin referenced this pull request Dec 5, 2014


extract components #3571

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