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+## Deprecation notice
+Since Rails 3 came out, I have no longer used Inherited Resources and it is no
+longer actively maintained. I have found that the responders abstraction
+offers the perfect balance between hiding and showing too much logic in controllers.
+That said, I suggest developers to make use of Rails' `respond_with` feature
+alongside the [responders gem]( as a
+replacement to Inherited Resources.
## Inherited Resources
Inherited Resources speeds up development by making your controllers inherit

5 comments on commit 905b04a

@josevalim, Does this mean @joelmoss is no longer maintaining the gem and it is actually EOL? We are using the gem on some of our projects and are determining if we should stop using it and make a plan to remove it as a dependency. I ask because the gem was deprecated a little over two years ago and then taken over again shortly after and from the commits it isn't immediately clear if @joelmoss is stepping down or not.

If @joelmoss is not maintaining the gem anymore, are you open to finding a new maintainer for the gem?


josevalim replied Jun 27, 2014

I believe @joelmoss doesn't have time to maintain it as well. If someone is interested in continuing its development, they are welcome to fork the project. :)


joelmoss replied Jun 27, 2014

I'll help out when I can, but I also don't use it that much anymore :(

@josevalim @joelmoss Thanks for the quick reply!

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