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Kubernetes Helm charts for the EOS smart contracts platform
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Kubernetes Helm charts for the EOS smart contracts platform.



This Helm chart runs a single EOS block producer on Kubernetes. This chart can be used for both testnet and production nodes. This chart is not for running block producers in high availability modes.


  • Custom config.ini and genesis state support
  • Automatic HTTPS through Let's Encrypt
  • Support for private mesh networks through a Wireguard VPN
  • Persistent volume support
  • Kubernetes ingress support

See the eos-block-producer/values.yaml file for configuration instructions.


This Helm chart runs a block producers with configurable failover. Use this Helm chart to create highly redundant block producer setups. This chart is powered by the tool nodeos-monitor. In order to use this Helm chart, an Etcd cluster must be accessible to the Kubernetes cluster. This chart exposes neither an HTTPS API nor an ingress. It does expose a service, however, for maximum flexibility. This chart tracks just a single instance, so it must be installed in individual releases for each block producer in the failover group.


  • Failover between block producer nodes
  • Persistent volume support

See the eos-block-producer-with-failover/values.yaml file for configuration instructions.

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