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Hub Kaggle's Herbarium 2021 Half Earth Challenge

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Kaggle's Herbarium 2021 Half Earth Challenge

Kaggle is currently hosting the Half-Earth Challenge, an image classification competition. This dataset has more than 2.5m images representing ~60k species. There are no cash prizes for successful submissions since this is an academic research challenge (part of this year's CVPR workshop).

That's okay! We will award $1000 to top 5 teams that use Hub in their project, provided they meet the conditions listed below.


  • Submitted solutions must include Hub. Your submitted notebook must use Hub in some way. For example, using Hub @transform for image augmentation pipelines or for distributed training.

  • Team size. Your team should have at least one Hub community member. (Note: Kaggle has a maximum team size of five members). Upon joining the community, please drop a note to @Vinn, so we know you’re participating!


Entries must be submitted through Kaggle by May 19, 2021.

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