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051f7c4 Update changelog format. Don't use rdoc for gateway support class
codyfauser authored
1 = ActiveMerchant CHANGELOG
5cccfca Remove test_result_from_cc_number from eWay gateway.
codyfauser authored
3 * Remove test_result_from_cc_number from eWay gateway. [cody]
a1195fa Remove duplicate attr_reader definitions from all gateways
codyfauser authored
4 * Remove duplicate attr_reader definitions from all gateways [cody]
3b1a72a Remove tests raising Error
codyfauser authored
5 * Remove useless tests raising Error [cody]
7098f41 Update gateway templates
codyfauser authored
6 * Update gateway templates [cody]
f410edc cleanup tests
codyfauser authored
7 * Fix test where authorize() was being called instead of purchase(). Perform some cleanup of the tests [, cody]
2e6b704 Improve documentation based on the DataCashGateway docs
codyfauser authored
8 * Improve documentation based on the DataCashGateway docs [patrick.t.joyce]
fb1b3da Update EfsnetGateway to support avs and cvv data. Remove test_result_…
codyfauser authored
9 * Update EfsnetGateway to support avs and cvv data. Remove test_result_from_cc_number. [cody]
b9b0e30 Remove test_result_from_cc_number from DataCash. Improve unit test co…
codyfauser authored
10 * Remove test_result_from_cc_number from DataCash. Improve unit test coverage [cody]
6d6a90e Update CyberSourceGateway with new AVS and CVV features
codyfauser authored
11 * Update CyberSourceGateway to support avs and cvv results. Remove test_result_from_cc_number. [cody]
a260b71 Remove match information from CVVResult
codyfauser authored
12 * Remove match information from CVVResult [cody]
d2da5d4 Remove Response#card_data
codyfauser authored
13 * Remove Response#card_data. The application has access to the information anyway [cody]
92c2981 Return the last 4 digits of the card number from the Response instead…
codyfauser authored
14 * Return the last 4 digits of the card number from the Response instead of the masked number [cody]
b475b7d Use shipping address with TC
codyfauser authored
15 * Actually use the shipping address in TrustCommerce [cody]
8d2ed35 Update TrustCommerceGateway to support avs and cvv results. Remove te…
codyfauser authored
16 * Update TrustCommerceGateway to support avs and cvv results. Remove test_result_from_cc_number. Automatically fallback to SSL POST if the TCLink library is not available. Add additional customer information to the requests. [cody]
051f7c4 Update changelog format. Don't use rdoc for gateway support class
codyfauser authored
17 * Fix remote CardStreamGateway tests [cody]
18 * Map merchant AVS codes to street and postal match codes [cody]
19 * Update CardStreamGateway to support avs and cvv data [cody]
20 * Remove merchant_data hash. Add additional CVV codes [cody]
21 * Update QuickpayGateway to support merchant_data hash. Remove test_result_from_cc_number. [cody]
22 * Update LinkpointGateway to support merchant_data hash. Remove test_result_from_cc_number. [cody]
23 * Update PsigateGateway to support merchant_data hash. Remove test_result_from_cc_number. [cody]
24 * Update MonerisGateway to support merchant_data hash. Remove test_result_from_cc_number. [cody]
25 * Remove AVS Message and CVV2 Message from params hash in [cody]
26 * Update BrainTreeGateway to support merchant_data hash [cody]
27 * Update PaypalGateway to support merchant_data hash [cody]
28 * Update Payflow to support merchant_data hash [cody]
29 * Add card data to PayJunction response. PayJunction does not return the CVV or AVS result codes. Remote test_result_from_cc_number from PayJunction. [cody]
30 * Rename CCVResult to CVVResult to be more aligned with ActiveMerchant's usage of the term verification value [cody]
31 * Remove test_result_from_cc_number from in favour of mocking [cody]
32 * Add merchant_data hash, which contains all of the card_data, avs_result, and ccv_result. [cody]
33 * Add CCVResult for the Card Code Verification Result. Update to use the new class [cody]
34 * Rename AVSResult#match_type AVSResult#match [cody]
35 * Rename AVS::Result class to AVSResult [cody]
36 * Convert gateway to use the new AVS module [cody]
37 * Add AVS data to the Response object [cody]
38 * Fix credentials for remote TEST MODE test [cody]
39 * Add AVS module and AVS::Result class [cody]
40 * Update base gateway class RDOC [cody]
41 * Update the README with the latest list of supported gateways. Update the example in the README to include the verification value, which is now required by the credit card object by default. [cody]
42 * Handle the return from 2Checkout [cody]
43 * Automatically determine the credit card type when a type is not provided [cody]
44 * Revert to initial implementation of LUHN algorithm because it all fits in one simple method [cody]
45 * Remove unused api_cert_chain.crt file [cody]
46 * Update PaypalGateway, and PaypalExpressGateway to send requests to the correct endpoints when using API signatures [cody]
47 * Successful return code for HiTRUST is actually 00 [cody]
48 * Make ActiveMerchant::Billing::Error a subclass of ActiveMerchant::ActiveMerchantError [cody]
49 * Handle the return from the offsite payment gateways [cody]
50 * Default HiTRUST order description to "Store purchase" [cody]
51 * Fix HiTRUST field names [cody]
52 * Add support for passing in the locale code []
53 * Add support for the Offsite payment gateway HiTRUST [cody]
54 * Accept SuccessWithWarning as success [cody]
55 * Add a link to the LinkPoint staging server docs in remote_linkpoint_test.rb [cody]
56 * Update Discover regex [cody]
57 * Match full pan range of Maestro cards from 12 - 19 digits in length [cody]
58 * Fix errors on base of CreditCard [josh.bassett]
59 * Update product to use Rubigen instead of stolen Rails generator [cody]
60 * Mimic directory structure of unit tests in remote tests [cody]
61 * Restructure the location of the remote tests [cody]
62 * Ensure DataCash order_id is limited to 30 characters [cody]
63 * Return the pretty messages from PayJunction based on the return code [cody]
64 * make CreditCard.require_verification_value = true the default [cody]
65 * Use existing credit_card helper in credit card tests [cody]
66 * Return the authrorization number of the original transaction in the SkipJack gateway [cody]
67 * Update format of line items given to the gateway. Cleanup and uncomment unit tests [cody]
68 * Add support for the SkipJack gateway [Bill Bereza, cody]
69 * Make the bogus gateway easier to test by moving messages into constants [cody]
70 * Add retry logic when connection has been refused for all gateways. Enable safe retries of all connection failures with the PayflowGateway, as it has a unique request header. [cody]
71 * Catch Timeout::Error when posting data [cody]
72 * Change order of loading ActionPack for tests since assert_success defined in ActionController::Assertions::DeprecatedAssertions inteferes with ActiveMerchant's definition [cody]
73 * Catch Errno::ETIMEDOUT and extend open and read timeouts to 60 seconds [cody]
74 * Add address2 to the billing address of Viaklix transactions [cody]
75 * Improve Psigate generic error message [cody]
76 * Fix small errors in Psigate documentation [cody]
77 * Add Response#fraud_review? query method to the response. Allows gateways to indicate that a payment is pending review by the fraud service [cody]
78 * Handle Errno::ECONNRESET when posting data [cody]
79 * Fix broken USA ePay URL [cody]
80 * Update RequiresParameters to support HashWithIndifferentAccess [cody]
81 * Add support for SecurePayTech payment gateway [Jasper Bryant-Greene]
82 * Detect when test credentials are being used with PayJunction [cody]
83 * Update documentation about TrustCommerce void [cody]
84 * Add void to TrustCommerce [jesse.c.scott]
85 * Add support for echecks to the BrainTree gateway [Jeremy Voorhis]
86 * Fix before_validate and validate methods in CreditCard [rick.denatale]
87 * Add support for Netbilling payment gateway [cody]
88 * Pass in N/A for unknown states when a country is present in PaypalGateway [cody]
89 * Strip non alpha chars from order_id in Payflow gateway, as Paymentech Tampa can't handle them [cody]
90 * Add support for the PaySecure payment gateway [cody]
91 * Add support for descriptions in credits [shiva.kaul]
92 * Great cleanup and improvement of CreditCard code, tests, and docs [James Herdman]
94 == Version 1.2.1
96 * Fix remote PayPal tests [cody]
98 == Version 1.2.0
100 * Update Linkpoint tests to remove useless pem file [cody]
101 * Use symbols for CreditCard error messages, since errors have indifferent access [cody]
102 * Improve CreditCard error messages [George Ogata]
103 * Change deny to assert_false, and deny_success to assert_failure. Remove Gateway.gateway, as it is available from Base [cody]
104 * Improve documentation, and test coverage [James Herdman]
105 * Refactor MonerisGateway, improve test coverage and documentation [James Herdman]
106 * Add support for crediting to Moneris [James Herdman]
107 * Send state N/A in Payflow when the state is blank. Fixes UK PayPal Express payments when not providing a state [cody]
108 * Load remote test credentials from a fixtures file. ActiveMerchant will look for a custom file ~/.active_merchant/fixtures.yml. If the file exists it will be loaded instead of the default fixtures provided by ActiveMerchant. This makes development easier, and removes the risk of committing non-public test account credentials to subversion. [cody]
109 * Add support for password protected pem files [cody]
110 * Add support for Concord Efsnet payment gateway [snacktime]
111 * Fix dependency loading for gateways that are subclasses [cody]
112 * Add Braintree payment gateway [Michael J. Mangino]
113 * Add support for PayPal API signatures [Benjamin Curtis, cody]
114 * Add payment gateway Viaklix [Sal Scotto, cody]
115 * Add Australian payment gateway NetRegistry [George Ogata]
116 * Take order email from the options hash instead of the address for CyberSource [cody]
117 * Use an array for LineItems when calculating tax in CyberSource gateway [cody]
118 * Add CyberSource gateway [Matt Margolis]
119 * Sanitize Protx order id [cody]
120 * Fix support for electron in Protx [cody]
121 * Add support for Protx [shiftx, cody]
122 * Use undef_method with a single argument in SecurePay to prevent JRuby from choking on it. [jonathan.l.bartlett]
123 * Default address_override to 0 for PayPal Website Payments Standard payments. [cody]
124 * Enhance credit card error messages [manfred]
125 * Use HashWithIndifferentAccess for CreditCard for compatibility with Rails applications [michael.j.mangino]
126 * Fix nil exception when no response reason text is found in [cody]
127 * Add support for PayJunction [Matt Sanders]
128 * Change billing_address to shipping_address in PayPal Integration helper, as billing_address was incorrect. Addresses passed to billing_address for the PayPal helper will no longer be added to the form. This will break existing code, as the address will not be passed.
129 * Remove switch patterns from card detection that were eliminated on July 1, 2007 [cody]
130 * Format the issue number in Payflow requests to always be 2 digits [cody]
131 * Move application_id to Gateway and Helper class respectively [cody]
132 * Improve TrustCommerce documentation [cody]
133 * Add credit to Payflow [cody]
134 * Add support for the Plug 'N Pay gateway [ryan.norbauer, cody]
135 * Add support for ItemTotal, Shipping, Handling, and Tax amounts in the PayPal Express and PayPal gateways [baldwindavid, cody]
136 * Add page customization options to the PaypalExpress, and PayflowExpress gateways [ cpjolicoeur, cody]
137 * Add Verifi gateway [Paul Hepworth]
138 * Add a PayflowResponse object with a profile_id accessor method. Return the correct authorization number on recurring actions [cody]
139 * Add support for an initial transaction with recurring payments [findchris, cody]
140 * Add support for email receipts to recurring Payflow Payments [Rick Olson]
141 * Ensure the ButtonSource isn't too long [cody]
142 * Add ButtonSource to Paypal and PaypalExpress gateways [cody]
143 * Rename application to application_id and place it on Base, so it can be set once and forgotten about [cody]
144 * Add ButtonSource field to PayflowExpress gateway [cody]
145 * Add a field for the bn to the PayPal helper [cody]
146 * Add remote secure pay test and correctly define test? [cody]
147 * Undefine unsupported methods from SecurePay [cody]
148 * Enhance the TransFirst error message for declined transactions [cody]
149 * Add initial support for TransFirst gateway [cody]
150 * Deprecate certification_id in Payflow gateways [cody]
151 * Work around required PayPal state fields for countries that don't require states [cody]
152 * Add metadata to SecurePay gateway [cody]
153 * Add initial support for the SecurePay gateway using the translator [cody]
154 * Add the homepage_url and display_name accessors to each gateway [cody]
155 * Remove Money dependency from main gateways. Cleanup tests. Add supported_countries class accessor which returns an array of 2 digit iso country codes for which countries the gateway supports accounts in [cody]
156 * Add American Express card to Psigate [cody]
157 * Send N/A to PayPal in the PayPal Helper when we don't know the UK county [cody]
158 * Actually pass the amount of the capture through to Payflow [cody]
159 * Update ExactGateway test and test mode [cody]
160 * Remove unused method in PslCardGateway [cody]
161 * Add updated credit card tests [cody]
162 * Update and test PslCardGateway [cody]
163 * Add Laser card type [cody]
164 * Update Nochex documentation [cody]
165 * Sanitize the Realex order_id [cody]
166 * Add support for Irish Realex payment gateway [John Ward, cody]
167 * Move credit_card helper method to the test_helper [cody]
168 * Update PayflowExpressResponse to match the interface of the PayflowExpressResponse. Add :no_shipping and :address_override options to PayflowExpress [cody]
169 * Add a currency option to the Payflow and Paypal gateways [cody]
170 * PaypalExpress should use the shipping address, not the billing address [cody]
171 * Allow overriding the user with Payflow so that a vendor and user can be provided when making requests [cody]
172 * PayPal DirectPayment API requires a UK County to be sent as the state or province. Return N/A as the state when one isn't provided to ensure that PayPal doesn't reject the payment [cody]
173 * Add ability to perform reference transactions with Payflow [Al Evans, cody]
174 * Enhance recurring Payflow tests and recurring_inquiry [Al Evans]
175 * Add recurring payments to Payflow [Rick Olson]
176 * Improve the error message generated by requires! [cody]
177 * Update credit card regular expressions and update Quickpay gateway with tests for new cards [cody]
178 * Add support for token based payments to PaymentExpress [Nik Wakelin]
179 * Refactor default_currency to the base gateway class [cody]
180 * Clean unsupported characters from the Quickpay ordernum [cody]
181 * Call the :sale and :authorization in QuickpayGateway [cody]
182 * Add Danish gateway Quickpay [cody]
183 * Remove redundant hash brackets from generator template [cody]
184 * Add additional options to the PayPal Website Payments Standard Helper [Rick Olson]
185 * Move generate_unique_id method to Gateway class so other gateways can also use it [cody]
186 * Allow notification name / value pairs to have a . in the name like checkout.x = 400 [cody]
187 * Fix PaypalExpressGateway#purchase to have the same method signature as other gateways [cody]
188 * Cargo cult off the rails unique id generator instead of UUID library [cody]
189 * Add uuid-1.0.3 for generating random request UUIDs [cody]
190 * Remove mock_methods and http mock from the library [cody]
191 * PaypalExpress cannot setup a payment for 0 dollars. If the amount is zero then setup a payment for $1. [cody]
192 * Small changes to PslCard gateway [cody]
193 * Fix Money dependency with PslCard gateway [cody]
194 * Add PslCard payment gateway [MoneySpyder]
195 * Scrub the card number, expiry, and CVV code from the response [cody]
196 * Use test? query for checking test mode [cody]
197 * Add support for the E-xact Payment Gateway [James Edward Gray II, cody]
198 * Fix partially broken method of dealing with phone numbers in the PayPal Helper [cody]
199 * Update remote tests for PaymentExpress [cody]
200 * Add Content-Type header to PaymentExpress post [cody]
201 * Use DECLINED as the message for declined transactions in the PaymentExpress remote tests [cody]
202 * Add JCB as a supported card type for the PaymentExpressGateway [cody]
203 * Rename DpsGateway to PaymentExpressGateway [cody]
204 * Add DPS Payment Express gateway (NZ) [dgjones, cody]
205 * Remove duplicate and incorrect expdate method from [cody]
206 * Allow authorization and purchase using a billing_id retrieved from TrustCommerce citadel [jesse.c.scott]
207 * Don't return a frozen string from CreditCard.type? [cody]
208 * Update remote Psigate test to ensure using a verification value doesn't break anything [cody]
209 * Update remote Moneris test to ensure using a verification value doesn't break anything [cody]
210 * Fix Solo issue number with CardStream gateway and improve test coverage [cody]
211 * Add CardStream gateway [Jonah Fox, Thomas Nichols, cody]
212 * Verify Peer in PayPal notifications and add account method [cody]
214 == Version 1.1.0
216 * Add unique_id option to PayPal mass payments [Haig]
217 * Fix expiry date in USA ePay [cody]
218 * Fix PayPal Payments Pro UK with Switch & Solo cards [cody]
219 * Add reauthorization to PaypalGateway and PaypalExpressGateway [dorrenchen]
220 * Update DataCash tests and format merchant reference number to meet DataCash's requirements [MoneySpyder, cody]
221 * Add Datacash gateway [MoneySpyder, cody]
222 * VERIFY_PEER on all SSL requests [cody]
223 * Add support for 2Checkout [cody]
225 == Version 1.0.3
227 * Add support for PayPal mass payments to the PaypalGateway and the PaypalExpressGateway [Brandon Keepers]
228 * Add a credit method to [cody]
230 == Version 1.0.2
232 * Add support for OrderDescription, Payer, and InvoiceID fields in PaypalGateway [cody]
234 == Version 1.0.1
236 * Add support for crediting to PayPal [cody, Haig]
238 == Version 1.0.0
240 * Add discover to list of supported card types for
241 * Fix Psigate crediting []
242 * Fix dependency loading of tests
243 * Add methods for storing credit cards to the Bogus gateway [Jim Kane]
244 * Fix bugs in expiration dates. [Jim Kane]
245 * Fixed bugs related to [Rick Olson]
246 * Linkpoint is now a full featured backend for active merchant [Ryan Heneise]
247 * Added linkpoint support [Ryan Heneise]
248 * Added trust commerce gateway [Hans Friedrich]
249 * Removed shipping stuff until there is time to implement it properly
250 * The library now rejects money amounts which are not either cents as integer or a Money object
251 * Moneris now uses the same layout as the plugin
252 * Added
253 * Changed default to :test mode. Set to production with ActiveMerchant::Billing::Base.gateway_mode = :production
254 * More refactoring
255 * Refactored a bit so that there is space for billing and shipping area. None of the shipping aids are fleshed out yet. Needs more work.
256 * Added Moneris support
257 * Credit card in memory object resembling a AR object
258 * Credit card validation methods as static methods of the credit card object
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