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frobcode commented Oct 2, 2012

This attempts to support the First Data e4 gateway ; they claim to have no plans to stop supporting the old one, but this is what new users typically get. Does not support the 'void' method, due to the void operation requiring the amount.

Chris Sheppard added some commits Sep 19, 2012

itransact: make 'void' able to conform to the 2-argument form. Make '…
…credit' into

'refund' and make it work.

Make void able to accept 1 2 or 3 arguments, figuring out which are
options based on what is passed in.  Make 'credit' be 'refund', and have
it work right.  Add a test that exercises 'refund'.  Rename the old
'credit' tests to indicate that they exercise 'void'.
Add support for First Data's e4 gateway.
First Data is no longer offering people the old Global Gateway; new
customers are typically being signed up for the Global Gateway e4
product.  This attempts to support that.  'void' is not supported, as
the amount would have to appear in the authorization string, which just
smells weird.

Unless I misread the travis logs, the errors were environmental (some sort of machine powerdown, not related to this change). Plz advise if otherwise.


ntalbott commented Nov 3, 2012

@frobcode why does this also include changes to the iTransact gateway? Is there a dependency?

frobcode commented Nov 5, 2012

No, no dependency; that itransact stuff was already merged in. I suspect some sort of fat-fingering on the git side of things with me. Will fix and push a clean branch.

@frobcode frobcode closed this Nov 5, 2012

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