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Encosion (en-co-shen) is a Ruby library for working with Brightcove's Media API.


To get the gem:

gem sources -a
sudo gem install cannikin-encosion


First thing is first. Tell Encosion what your read and write API tokens are:

require 'rubygems'
require 'encosion'

Encosion.options[:read_token] = '123abc'
Encosion.options[:write_token] = 'abc123'

You don't have to set these ahead of time, you can pass in the token with each request if you want, but do it here and you won't have to worry about it any more.

Encosion has several class methods that are similar to those found in ActiveRecord for finding records. You'll pass a hash of options which correspond to those expected by Brightcove (see All calls will require you to include either your read or write token depending on whether you are using the read or write methods.

Read Methods

# find all videos, 25 at a time, and return the first page
videos = Encosion::Video.find(:all, :page_size => 25, :page_number => 1)

# find a single video by Brightcove video id
video = Encosion::Video.find(12345)

# find several videos by their Brightcove video ids
videos = Encosion::Video.find(12345, 67890, 24680)

# find videos by your own reference id
video = Encosion::Video.find_by_reference_id('our_internal_id')

# check the status of a video (technically this uses the write API so it requires your write token)
status = Encosion::Video.status(12345) # finds by Brightcove video_id
status = Encosion::Video.status('our_internal_id') # finds by reference_id (string instead of integer)

These examples all assume that you've set your :read_token (and :write_token, in the case of Video.status) ahead of time. If not you can simply include the token in your call:

videos = Encosion::Video.find(:all, :page_size => 25, :page_number => 1, :token => '123abc')

See Encosion::Video for all the available find methods and their variants.

Write Methods

To write a video to Brightcove you will instantiate Encosion::Video, set a few required fields and then save it:

new_video = =>'/path/to/file'), :name => "My Awesome Video", :short_description => "A video of some awesome happenings", :tags => ['awesome','sweet'])
brightcove_id =

The save() method returns Brightcove's ID for the video (assuming the save was successful).

Again, the above examples assume that you've pre-set your :write_token. If not, just include it in the save() call:

brightcove_id = => 'abc123')

Brightcove requires a name and short description before it will let you save a video. The fields that you can set are those that Brightcove considers writable:

  • name (string)

  • short_description (string)

  • long_description (string)

  • link_url (string)

  • link_text (string)

  • tags (array of strings)

  • reference_id (string)

  • economics (enumerable, either :free or :ad_supported)

And of course the video file itself. Just give :file a File object.

To Do

  • Implement the remaining Video write methods: update_video, delete_video, share_video, add_image

  • Implement the Playlist API read/write methods