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Gattica is a Ruby library for talking to the Google Analytics API.


There are generally three steps to getting info from the GA API:

  1. Authenticate

  2. Get a profile id

  3. Get the data you really want


This library does all three. A typical transaction will look like this:

gs ='','password',123456)
results = gs.get({ :start_date => '2008-01-01', 
                   :end_date => '2008-02-01', 
                   :dimensions => 'browser', 
                   :metrics => 'pageviews', 
                   :sort => 'pageviews'})

So we instantiate a copy of Gattica and pass it a Google Account email address and password. The third parameter is the profile_id that we want to access data for.

Then we call get with the parameters we want to shape our data with. In this case we want total page views, broken down by browser, from Jan 1 2008 to Feb 1 2008, sorted by page views.

If you don't know the profile_id you want to get data for, call accounts

gs ='','password')
accounts = gs.accounts

This returns all of the accounts and profiles that the user has access to. Note that if you use this method to get profiles, you need to manually set the profile before you can call get

gs.profile_id = 123456
results = gs.get({ :start_date => '2008-01-01', 
                   :end_date => '2008-02-01', 
                   :dimensions => 'browser', 
                   :metrics => 'pageviews', 
                   :sort => 'pageviews'})
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