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Homework assignment for Ruby candidates

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You're in the running for a Ruby developer position at the Active Network! We have a small homework assignment for you so that we can get a better feeling for your coding style, attention to detail, etc. It will also test some basic git workflow skills.

The Assignment

Create a very simple blog application using Ruby on Rails. You should be able to create, edit and view blog posts as well as add a comment (editing/deleting comments is not necessary). Don't worry about paging results -- just one long page of every blog post (or a short summary of every blog post and a link to view full details) is acceptable. You will be judged not only for your server-side code but any UI embelishments you choose to add.

For extra credit add a simple login system so that only authorized users can create new blog entries (presumably you would need a way to manage the list of authorized users as well).

One of the most famous screencasts for Rails is the original creator, DHH, using Rails to create a blogging application in 15 minutes, so please don't think this needs to be a week-long endeavour. There's no need to invest more than a couple of hours (although if you don't yet know Ruby you may have to invest a little more time in getting started).


  1. Fork this repository into your own GitHub account.
  2. Complete the task and push your changes back to your GitHub repo.
  3. Open a Merge Request back to us asking us to pull in your code.
  4. We should be able to run rake db:migrate and then rails server and begin running your application.

When we say we should be able to run only those two commands and run your app, that's really what we mean! Your UI should be intuitive enough so that we don't need to know to go to any special URLs to see certain parts of your app. For example, when you hit the homepage of your app you should see a link somewhere to create new blog posts (or if you added user authentication, a link to log in).

Good luck and have fun!

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