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ActiveRank Ranking Methodology


This is the methodology behind , a project to make data on how women are being treated in the workplace accessible with just a click of a web extension. The core problem is that EEOC data for specific companies is inaccessible, which makes exposing and tracking progress of the treatment of women in companies difficult. Before creating a pull request, please try out ActiveRank on the chrome store:

Current Metrics

We currently track three key metrics:

-Pay gap

-Benefits (number of weeks with paid maternal leave)

-Percentage of women in the company

We get data from Payscale and FairyGodBoss.

Of course, since we want to be equal we weigh a 50-50 split for women and an equal paygap as the best ranking. Worst is 0, and best is 1. If you have suggestions of better ways to implement the ranking, or better sources to pull from, please pull request!

Code of Conduct

Our mission is to help make data on women in the workplace more accessible. Basically, just be a decent human being.

Please contribute to this repo and pull request - this proof of concept is nowhere near a perfect system and any help is much appreciated!

MIT License