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search: "search"
predicate: "predicate"
and: "and"
or: "or"
any: "any"
all: "all"
combinator: "combinator"
attribute: "attribute"
value: "value"
condition: "condition"
sort: "sort"
asc: "ascending"
desc: "descending"
eq: "equals"
eq_any: "equals any"
eq_all: "equals all"
not_eq: "not equal to"
not_eq_any: "not equal to any"
not_eq_all: "not equal to all"
matches: "matches"
matches_any: "matches any"
matches_all: "matches all"
does_not_match: "doesn't match"
does_not_match_any: "doesn't match any"
does_not_match_all: "doesn't match all"
lt: "less than"
lt_any: "less than any"
lt_all: "less than all"
lteq: "less than or equal to"
lteq_any: "less than or equal to any"
lteq_all: "less than or equal to all"
gt: "greater than"
gt_any: "greater than any"
gt_all: "greater than all"
gteq: "greater than or equal to"
gteq_any: "greater than or equal to any"
gteq_all: "greater than or equal to all"
in: "in"
in_any: "in any"
in_all: "in all"
not_in: "not in"
not_in_any: "not in any"
not_in_all: "not in all"
cont: "contains"
cont_any: "contains any"
cont_all: "contains all"
not_cont: "doesn't contain"
not_cont_any: "doesn't contain any"
not_cont_all: "doesn't contain all"
start: "starts with"
start_any: "starts with any"
start_all: "starts with all"
not_start: "doesn't start with"
not_start_any: "doesn't start with any"
not_start_all: "doesn't start with all"
end: "ends with"
end_any: "ends with any"
end_all: "ends with all"
not_end: "doesn't end with"
not_end_any: "doesn't end with any"
not_end_all: "doesn't end with all"
'true': "is true"
'false': "is false"
present: "is present"
blank: "is blank"
'null': "is null"
not_null: "is not null"
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