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…the value

side of a condition (even in normal `where()` clauses)
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@@ -404,7 +404,59 @@ custom operator, such as the standard SQL concatenation operator, `||`:
As you can see, just like functions, these operations can be given aliases.
-## Legacy compatibility
+## Compatibility with ActiveRecord
+Most of the new functionality provided by Squeel is accessed with the new block-style `where{}`
+All your existing code that uses plain ActiveRecord `where()` queries should continue to work the
+same after adding Squeel to your project with one exception: symbols as the value side of a
+condition (in normal `where()` clauses).
+### Symbols as the value side of a condition (in normal `where()` clauses)
+If you have any `where()` clauses that use a symbol as the value side
+(right-hand side) of a condition, **you will need to change the symbol into a
+string in order for it to continue to be treated as a value**.
+Squeel changes the meaning of symbols in the value of a condition to refer to
+the name of a **column** instead of simply treating the symbol as a **string literal**.
+For example, this query:
+ Person.where(:first_name => :last_name)
+produces this SQL query in plain ActiveRecord:
+ SELECT people.* FROM people WHERE people.first_name = 'last_name'.
+but produces this SQL query if you are using Squeel:
+ SELECT people.* FROM people WHERE people.first_name = people.last_name
+Note that this new behavior applies to the plain `where()`-style expressions in addition to the new
+`where{}` Squeel style.
+In order for your existing `where()` clauses with symbols to continue to behave the same, you
+**must** change the symbols into strings. These scopes, for example:
+ scope :active, where(:state => :active)
+ scope :in_state, lambda {|state| where(:state => type) }
+should be changed to this:
+ scope :active, where(:state => 'active')
+ scope :in_state, lambda {|state| where(:state => type.to_s) }
+For further information, see
+[this post to the Rails list](!topic/rubyonrails-core/NQJJzZ7R7S0),
+[this commit]( to
+the [ActiveRecord guides](,
+[#75](, and
+## Compatibility with MetaWhere
While the Squeel DSL is the preferred way to access advanced query functionality, you can
still enable methods on symbols to access ARel predications in a similar manner to MetaWhere:

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