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Pull Requests

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Know how to fix something? Have a patch that you want to share? Please consider contributing back to ActiveScaffold by sending us a pull request.

Knowing What to Contribute

We’ve all hacked our plugins to fit our needs, and we’ve all looked at something and thought “it’s good enough for my application”. When contributing back to ActiveScaffold you must set a higher standard! This plugin is used by many people in many different ways, and some code may be doing double- or triple-duty for a number of features. Until someone contributes a test suite, there’s no automated way to make sure something isn’t broken.

Please think about what your change might affect. Does it work in all major browsers?

Preparing for a Pull Request

So you know it’s something everyone needs? You can make it easy for your changes to get pulled into ActiveScaffold:

Create a branch in your repository that contains only what you want to contribute.

You can even take this a step further:

Create branches in your repository for different groups of commits you want to contribute.


Make sure your pull branches have been rebase’d against activescaffold/master recently.

Once you’ve done that, send us a pull request through GitHub. And if you happen to know that your patch fixes a ticket in the issue tracker or the old issue tracker, please include the number.

Waiting :-)

When we find a little time, we’ll take a look at your commits (or commit groups) and merge in anything that looks good. Please understand that we may first offer feedback on your commits, or ask you to rebase against recent changes and send a new request. No process is ever perfect, but we’ll work through it together.

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