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@mperrando mperrando The action link parameters key is :parameters and not :params. 94eec7c
@mogya mogya Destroyed Getting started: (markdown) 75b8be7
@scambra scambra update views paths 896a1d9
@mogya mogya Updated API: List (textile) 703caeb
@scambra scambra update date_picker doc 4b4cf29
@scambra scambra add active scaffold signaturepad 389a091
@mayinx mayinx Updated Action links groups (markdown) fd6059e
@scambra scambra how to get polymorphic select working with send_form_on_update_column enabled 5dce305
@mayinx mayinx examples for custom routes ad81e32
@mayinx mayinx just added some simple examples, if that's ok 10c448f
@scambra scambra paper_trail link a96dee3
@scambra scambra document paper_trail bridge 941033c
@scambra scambra document paper_trail bridge b3bd8af
@scambra scambra remove nested_auto_open 09eb6c1
@scambra scambra improve explanation of fired events 364ff40
@scambra scambra simplify view using helper ff6b3d2
@scambra scambra Updated API: Column (textile) a186e86
@scambra scambra Use add instead of merge, it's prettier c791b82
@scambra scambra use params instead of :hidden c1d3032
@scambra scambra Updated Integration (textile) 321f29c
@scambra scambra No need to add chosen assets, bridge will add them 0e3e1eb
@scambra scambra A note above displaying multiple columns in a partial override 92e4f76
@korobkov korobkov seems like typo (actual calculation name is :average, not :avg) 88cb32d
@scambra scambra document changes on always_show_search 9d14d38
@scambra scambra doc auto_pagination 60a6269
@scambra scambra document :label_method 1a57c64
@scambra scambra improve examples 34c5c6f
@scambra scambra add notes about using active_scaffold_includes, active_scaffold_outer_joins, or joins_for_collection ee69b85
@naaano naaano how to install chosen 2862085
@scambra scambra update docs about usage of options[:object] 31354e8
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