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Neat stuff. I have a form configured as:

  • form.inputs do
    = form.input :category_id, :as => :radio
    = form.input :title, :as => :string
    = form.input :content, :as => :text, :input_html => {:rows => 5}
    = form.input :url, :as => :string

My master.sass file is

@import formtastic_base.sass

And when I view my form, the label for category is right over top the radio buttons. Is there a suggested way for me to debug this? I am new to sass so I am not sure of how best to try and fix glitches like this. Attack the formtastic_base??? Any tips from a sass vet? Thanks!


activestylus commented Nov 19, 2009

Please give this a try with the new, improved helpers and tell me if the problem persists.


OK.. I downloaded the new file... _formtastic and created a new master.sass as follows:

@import formtastic_base.sass


So my form now renders with the labels on top, and a width of 500px. but it seems none of the other overrides are rendering properly. I noticed you had some typos in the README about this... form-stack instead of stack-form and a couple of others...

anyway.. so far.. there is something wrong.. what is it that I am doing wrong? In firebug I see my master.css classes as formtastic.form blah.... which is a good sign.



activestylus commented Nov 19, 2009

Typos are now fixed - as for your problem its hard to tell without seeing what you are working with. Can you pastie up both the html and css you are dealing with? If it's a rails project maybe even post it up for debugging?

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