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1.0.1 (unreleased)
* Fix to make sure CDATA is properly handled by the SaxParser (tchukuchuk)
* Fix #95 - source :join does not prepend 'join' in SQL query (seeingidog)
* Fixes for Rails 3.2 (pgericson)
* Allow .ctl.rb and .ebf.rb extensions for easier syntax coloring (chrisgogreen)
* Support for limit/offset in database source (kennym)
* Support for error handlers in etl: can be declared with on_error { |error| } (thbar)
* Support for mysql streaming for better performance on large data sets - use :mysqlstream => true on database source (main code by pdodds, tests and fixes by sgrgic and thbar)
* EnsureFieldsPresenceProcessor treat symbols and strings equally (thbar)
* BREAKING CHANGE: you must require 'iconv' if you use the :encode_processor from now on (thbar)
* A non-zero exit code should be returned on fatal screen or exceeded error threshold (thbar)
* BREAKING CHANGE: the TruncateProcessor will now RESTART IDENTITY when using postgres - this behaviour can be changed by passing :options => 'CONTINUE IDENTITY' (thbar)
* New EnsureFieldsPresenceProcessor (thbar)
* New CsvDestination based on FasterCSV (lgustafson)
* Fix #41: Allow cache to be turned off on ForeignKeyLookupTransform
* Fix #36: etl --read-locally picks wrong last file (lgustafson)
* BREAKING CHANGE: DelimitedParser has been renamed to CsvParser, to emphasize the fact that this parser relies on FasterCSV under the hood (which means it will choke on faulty data).
* Fixes for Rails 3 (gkfabs)
* Fixes for Ruby 1.9.2 (jlecour, byrnejb, thbar)
* improvements on CalculationTransform (gkfabs)
* batch can have children (gkfabs)
* read all columns by default in CsvParser (smeyfroi)
* Turn db config into a HashWithIndifferentAccess (smeyfroi)
* DatabaseJoinProcessor (gkfabs)
* ImapattachmentDownloaderProcessor (gkfabs)
* Pop3attachementDownloaderProcessor (gkfabs)
* Enhancements and fixes on EscapeCSVProcessor (gkfabs)
* Bug correction on hash initialization DatabaseSource (gkfabs)
* FilterRowProcessor won't return nil (gkfabs)
* DatabaseSource fixes (gkfabs)
* New UpdateDatabaseDestination (gkfabs)
* New InsertUpdateDatabaseDestination (gkfabs)
* New Excel destination (gkfabs)
* New Excel parser (gkfabs)
* Add ability to use a query in DatabaseSource (gkfabs)
* Modified SQLResolver to allow for multiple key lookups on dimension
table (cdimartino)
* Add scd_required_fields which allow to avoid specifying the scd fields when specifying :unique in a destination (darrell)
* More SCD debug logging (darrell)
* Make database destination table quoting database agnostic (darrell)
* Allow absolute paths in file destinations and file bulk imports (darrell)
* Bug fixes on engine, destination (sasikumargn, cdimartino, darrell)
* Code and tests clean-up (mainej, aeden, thbar)
* No more failure on tests (thbar, gkfabs)
* Add the ability to automatically run the tests on a matrix of configuration including Rails 2/3, Ruby 1.8.7/1.9.2, MySQL/Postgresql (thbar)
* Use bundler for gem packaging and release (thbar)
0.9.1 - January 14, 2009
* SQLResolver now uses ETL::Engine.table so it may utilize temp tables. (aeden)
* Added Thibaut Barrère's encode processor.
* Added MockSource and MockDestination test helpers (thbar)
* Added the block processor. Can call a block once (pre/post processor)
or once for each row (after_read/before_write row processor) (thbar)
* Changed temp table to use new AdapterExtension copy_table method (aeden)
* Added bin/etl.cmd windows batch - just add the bin folder to your PATH
and it will let you call etl on an unpacked/pistoned version of AW-ETL (thbar)
* Upgraded to support Rails 2.1. No longer compatible with older versions of Rails.
* Added ETL::Builder::TimeDimensionBuilder
* Added :default option to ForeignKeyLookupTransform that will be used if no
foreign key is found.
* Added :cache option to ForeignKeyLookupTransform that will preload the FK
mappings if the underlying resolver supports it. Currently supported by
* A Class extending ETL::Transform::Transform may now be passed as a transformer.
For example, in the control file you would define the transform as:
transform :a_field, MyTransform, {:option1 => 'option1'}.
* Support Ruby 1.9 CSV library
0.9.0 - August 9, 2007
* Added support for batch processing through .ebf files. These files are
essentially control files that apply settings to an entire ETL process.
* Implemented support for screen blocks. These blocks can be used to test
the data and raise an error if the screens do not pass.
* Connections are now cached in a Hash available through
ETL::Engine.connection(name). This should be used rather than including
connection information in the control files.
* Implemented temp table support throughout.
* DateDimensionBuilder now included in ActiveWarehouse ETL directly.
* Time calculations for fiscal year now included in ActiveWarehouse ETL.
0.8.4 - May 24, 2007
* Added fix for backslash in file writer
0.8.3 - May 13, 2007
* Added patches from Andy Triboletti
0.8.2 - April 15, 2007
* Fixed bug with premature destination closing.
* Added indexes to execution records table.
* Added a PrintRowProcessor.
* Added support for conditions and "group by" in the database source.
* Added after_initialize hook in Processor base class.
* Added examples directory
0.8.1 - Apr 12, 2007
* Added EnumerableSource
* Added :type configuration option to the source directive, allowing the source
type to be explicitly specified. The source type can be a string or symbol
(in which case the class will be constructed by appending Source to the type
name), a class (which will be instantiate and passed the control,
configuration and mapping) and finally an actual Source instance.
0.8.0 - Apr 12, 2007
* Source now available through the current row source accessor.
* Added new_rows_only configuration option to DatabaseSource. A date field must
be specified and only records that are greater than the date value in that
field, relative to the last successful
execution, will be returned from the source.
* Added an (untested) count feature which returns the number of rows for
* If no natural key is defined then an empty array will now be used, resulting
in the row being written to the output without going through change checks.
* Mapping argument in destination is now optional. An empty hash will be used
if the mapping hash is not specified. If the mapping hash is not specified
then the order will be determined using the originating source's order.
* ActiveRecord configurations loaded from database.yml by the etl tool will be
merged with ActiveRecord::Base.configurations.
* Fixed several bugs in how record change detection was implemented.
* Fixed how the read_locally functionality was implemented so that it will find
that last completed local source copy using the source's trigger file (untested).
0.7.2 - Apr 8, 2007
* Fixed quoting bug in CheckExistProcessor
0.7.1 - Apr 8, 2007
* Fixed source caching
0.7 - Apr 8, 2007
* Job execution is now tracked in a database. This means that ActiveRecord is
required regardless of the sources being used in the ETL scripts. An example
database configuration for the etl can be found in test/database.example.yml.
This file is loaded from either a.) the current working directory or b.) the
location specified using the -c command line argument when running the etl
* etl script now supports the following command line arguments:
** -h or --help: Prints the usage
** -l or --limit: Specifies a limit for the number of source rows to read,
useful for testing your control files before executing a full ETL process
** -o or --offset: Specified a start offset for reading from the source, useful
for testing your control files before executing a full ETL process
** -c or --config: Specify the database.yml file to configure the ETL
execution data store
** -n or --newlog: Write to the logfile rather than appending to it
* Database source now supports specifying the select, join and order parts of
the query.
* Database source understands the limit argument specified on the etl command
* Added CheckExistProcessor
* Added CheckUniqueProcessor
* Added SurrogateKeyProcessor. The SurrogateKey processor should be used in
conjunction with the CheckExistProcessor and CheckUniqueProcessor to provide
surrogate keys for all dimension records.
* Added SequenceProcessor
* Added OrdinalizeTransform
* Fixed a bug in the trim transform
* Sources now provide a trigger file which can be used to indicate that the
original source data has been completely extracted to the local file system.
This is useful if you need to recover from a failed ETL process.
* Updated README
0.6.1 - Mar 22, 2007
* Added support for absolute paths in file sources
* Added CopyFieldProcessor
0.6.0 - Mar 8, 2007
* Fixed missing method problem in validate in Control class.
* Removed control validation for now (source could be code in the control file).
* Transform interface now defined as taking 3 arguments, the field name, field
value and the row. This is not backwards compatible.
* Added HierarchyLookupTransform.
* Added DefaultTransform which will return a specified value if the initial
value is blank.
* Added row-level processing.
* Added HierarchyExploderProcessor which takes a single hierarchy row and
explodes it to multiple rows as used in a hierarchy bridge.
* Added ApacheCombinedLogParser which parses Apache Combined Log format,
including parsing of the
user agent string and the URI, returning a Hash.
* Fixed bug in SAX parser so that attributes are now set when the start_element
event is received.
* Added an HttpTools module which provides some parsing methods (for user agent
and URI).
* Database source now uses its own class for establishing an ActiveRecord
* Log files are now timestamped.
* Source files are now archived automatically during the extraction process
* Added a :condition option to the destination configuration Hash that accepts
a Proc with a single argument passed to it (the row).
* Added an :append_rows option to the destination configuration Hash that
accepts either a Hash (to append a single row) or an Array of Hashes (to
append multiple rows).
* Only print the read and written row counts if there is at least one source
and one destination respectively.
* Added a depends_on directive that accepts a list of arguments of either strings
or symbols. Each symbol is converted to a string and .ctl is appended;
strings are passed through directly. The dependencies are executed in the order
they are specified.
* The default field separator in the bulk loader is now a comma (was a tab).
0.5.2 - Feb 19, 2007
* Added error threshold.
* Fixed problem with transform error handling.
0.5.1 - Feb 18, 2007
* Fixed up truncate processor.
* Updated HOW_TO_RELEASE doc.
0.5.0 - Feb 17, 2007
* Changed require_gem to gem and added alias to allow for older versions of
* Added support for Hash in the source configuration where :name => :parser_name
defines the parser to use and :options => {} defines options to pass to the
* Added support for passing a custom Parser class in the source configuration.
* Removed the need to include Enumerable in each parser implementation.
* Added new date_to_string and string_to_date transformers.
* Implemented foreign_key_lookup transform including an ActiveRecordResolver.
* Added real time activity logging which is called when the etl bin script is
* Improved error handling.
* Default logger level is now WARN.
0.4.0 - Jan 11, 2006
* Added :skip_lines option to file source configurations, which can be used
to skip the first n lines in the source data file
* Added better error handling in delimited parser - an error is now raised
if the expected and actual field lengths do not match
* Added :truncate option for database destination. Set to true to truncate
before importing data.
* Added support for :unique => [] option and virtual fields for the database
0.3.0 - Dec 19, 2006
* Added support for calculated values in virtual fields with Proc
0.2.0 - Dec 7, 2006
* Added an XML parser for source parsing
* Added support for compound key constraints in destinations via the
:unique => [] option
* Added ability to declare explicit columns in bulk import
* Added support for generators in destinations
* Added a SurrogateKeyGenerator for cases where the database doesn't support
auto generated surrogate keys
0.1.0 - Dec 6, 2006
* Initial release