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== Rails SQL Views
Library which adds SQL Views to Rails. Adds create_view and drop_view to the ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::AbstractAdapter (which makes them available to migrations) and adds support for dumping views in the ActiveRecord::SchemaDumper.
== Installation
To install:
gem install rails_sql_views
Then add the following to your Rails config/environment.rb:
require_gem 'rails_sql_views'
require 'rails_sql_views'
== Usage
You can then use create_view and drop_view in your migrations. For example:
class CreatePersonView < ActiveRecord::Migration
def self.up
create_view :v_people, "select * from people" do |t|
t.column :id
t.column :name
t.column :social_security
def self.down
drop_view :v_people
This extension also adds support for views in the ActiveRecord::SchemaDumper class.
The following drivers are supported:
PostgreSQL (Native and Pure Ruby)
SQL Server
== Known Issues
* Drivers not mentioned above are not supported.
If you find any issues please send an email to .
== Contributing
If you would like to implement view support for other adapters then please drop me an email. Better yet, write up the adapter modifications and send them to me. :-)