Helm Charts for Activiti cloud Apps
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activiti-cloud-charts - Helm Charts for Activiti Cloud Apps

Charts repository based on https://github.com/technosophos/tscharts.

The top-level directories are the source of the charts, except for /docs/. That hosts the packaged files as a github pages site at https://activiti.github.io/activiti-cloud-charts/.

These charts aim to follow guidance from https://github.com/kubernetes/charts/blob/master/REVIEW_GUIDELINES.md but do not do so yet and are also targeted at Jenkins-X.

How It Works

I set up GitHub Pages to point to the docs folder. From there, I can create and publish docs like this:

$ helm create mychart
$ helm package mychart
$ mv mychart-0.1.0.tgz docs
$ helm repo index docs --url https://activiti.github.io/activiti-cloud-charts/
$ git add -i
$ git commit -av
$ git push origin master

For a chart with dependencies, do helm dep build before helm package. If the dependencies are in this repo and they are changing then bump version and push them first.

To use a chart (or build a dep with it) do helm repo add activiti-cloud-charts https://activiti.github.io/activiti-cloud-charts/ (e.g. in Jenkins-X this would go in the Makefile).

Sample images for these charts are hosted at https://hub.docker.com/u/activiti/.

How to get started with Activiti Cloud

See the activiti-cloud-full-example chart's README