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This repository contains Activiti 7.x Examples
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Activiti Core Examples

This repository contains Activiti Core Examples using the new ProcessRuntime and TaskRuntime APIs.

  • activiti-api-basic-process-example: simple example using the ProcessRuntime APIs only
  • activiti-api-basic-task-example: simple example using the TaskRuntime APIs only
  • activiti-api-basic-full-example: simple example combining ProcessRuntime and TaskRuntime APIs
  • activiti-api-spring-integration-example: simple example combining Spring Integration framework and the new ProcessRuntime APis

These examples are updated regularly to consume our frequent releases which can be found in our Alfresco Nexus Repository:

      <name>Activiti Releases</name>

You can also take a look at our tags for more stable releases such as:

Which uses the Maven Artifacts published in Maven Central.

For cloud-based examples see

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