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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type='text/xsl' href='./rfc2629.xslt' ?>
<!DOCTYPE rfc SYSTEM "rfc2629.dtd">
<?rfc header="foo"?>
<?rfc toc="yes"?>
<?rfc tocompact="yes"?>
<?rfc tocdepth="3"?>
<?rfc tocindent="yes"?>
<?rfc symrefs="yes"?>
<?rfc sortrefs="yes"?>
<?rfc comments="yes"?>
<?rfc inline="yes"?>
<?rfc compact="yes"?>
<?rfc subcompact="no"?>
<?rfc private="Activity Streams Working Group"?>
<title abbrev="ActivityStreamsErrata">Errata in JSON Activity Streams 1.0</title>
<author fullname="Activity Streams Working Group"></author>
<date month="February" year="2012" />
<t>This document records known errors and clarifications in
<eref target="">JSON Activity Streams 1.0</eref>.</t>
<section title="Abstract Change [2012-02-14]">
<t>Clarify the scope of the specification by changing the abstract to
<t>Social activity data is important in that it allows individuals to
process the latest news of people and things they care about. This
specification details the serialization of a stream of social activity
data using the JSON format. As this specification only describes that
serialization format, the methods used to transmit, receive, or process
that data are outside the scope of this specification.</t>
<section title="Incorrect Descriptions in Collection Serialization">
<t>The descriptions for the fields on the Collection Serialization
in Section 3.5 are incorrect.</t>
<section title="totalItems Property">
<t>The description for totalItems current says:</t>
<t>"Non-negative integer specifying the total number of activities
within the stream. The Stream serialization MAY contain a count
<t>It SHOULD say:</t>
<t>"Non-negative integer specifying the total number of objects within
the collection. Note that the actual number of objects included within
the value of the "items" property MAY be less than the total number of
objects specified. The Collection serialization MAY contain a
totalItems property"</t>
<section title="url Property">
<t>The description for url currently states:</t>
<t>"An IRI [RFC3987] referencing a JSON document containing the full
listing of objects in the collection."</t>
<t>This does not make it clear that the original intent was for the
url property on the collection to point to a JSON document whose root
object is itself a Collection object. Therefore, this description SHOULD
<t>"An IRI [RFC3987] referencing a JSON Document whose root object is a
Collection object providing access to the full listing of objects in the
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