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Additional errata for section 3.5

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serialization format, the methods used to transmit, receive, or process
that data are outside the scope of this specification.</t>
+ <section title="Incorrect Descriptions in Collection Serialization">
+ <t>The descriptions for the fields on the Collection Serialization
+ in Section 3.5 are incorrect.</t>
+ <section title="totalItems Property">
+ <t>The description for totalItems current says:</t>
+ <t>"Non-negative integer specifying the total number of activities
+ within the stream. The Stream serialization MAY contain a count
+ property."</t>
+ <t>It SHOULD say:</t>
+ <t>"Non-negative integer specifying the total number of objects within
+ the collection. Note that the actual number of objects included within
+ the value of the "items" property MAY be less than the total number of
+ objects specified. The Collection serialization MAY contain a
+ totalItems property"</t>
+ </section>
+ <section title="url Property">
+ <t>The description for url currently states:</t>
+ <t>"An IRI [RFC3987] referencing a JSON document containing the full
+ listing of objects in the collection."</t>
+ <t>This does not make it clear that the original intent was for the
+ url property on the collection to point to a JSON document whose root
+ object is itself a Collection object. Therefore, this description SHOULD
+ read:</t>
+ <t>"An IRI [RFC3987] referencing a JSON Document whose root object is a
+ Collection object providing access to the full listing of objects in the
+ collection."</t>
+ </section>
+ </section>
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