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French texts for GpsPrune

We haven’t had much luck so far in encouraging the Spanish translations via Github, so as an experiment we’ll try with a selection of the missing French translations too, to see if there’s any more interest.

Missing translations

Key Description English French
function.marklifts For ski tracks, mark all the ski lifts for deletion Mark uphill lifts
function.createmarkerwaypoints Create waypoints to mark distance or time intervals Create marker waypoints
function.searchosmpois Lookup OSM points nearby (eg bus stops, restaurants) Get nearby OSM points
function.setdisplaysettings Set options for map display, like how lines and waypoints are drawn Set display options
function.selecttimezone Set the timezone with which point timestamps are displayed Set timezone
Key Description English French
dialog.learnestimationparams.intro Label before the results of the parameter-learning These are the parameters calculated from this track
dialog.learnestimationparams.combine Label between the calculated results and the combined results These parameters can be combined with the current values
dialog.colourer.intro Heading for the point colourer section A point colourer can give track points different colours
dialog.deletebydate.intro Explanation at top of delete by date dialog For each date in the track, you can choose to delete or keep the points
Key Description English French
confirm.splitsegments The %d is replaced by the number of splits %d segment splits were made
confirm.sewsegments The %d is replaced by the number of joins %d segment joins were made
Key Description English French
tip.usesrtmfor3d Shown when a 3d view is requested but track doesn’t have altitudes This track doesn’t have altitudes.\nYou can use the SRTM functions to get approximate\naltitudes for the 3d view.
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