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Spanish texts for GpsPrune

We haven’t had much luck so far in encouraging translations via Github, so as an experiment we’ll try just listing the missing translations to hopefully make them easier to find.

Missing translations

function.marklifts Mark uphill lifts
dialog.deletebydate.onlyonedate The points were all recorded on the same date.
dialog.deletebydate.intro For each date in the track, you can choose to delete or keep the points
dialog.estimatetime.error.nodistance The time estimates need connected track points, to give a distance
dialog.exportimage.noimagepossible Map images need to be cached to disk in order to use them for an export.
dialog.learnestimationparams.intro These are the parameters calculated from this track
dialog.learnestimationparams.combine These parameters can be combined with the current values
dialog.weather.creditnotice This data is made available by openweathermap.org. Their website has more details.
confirm.downloadsrtm.none No files downloaded, they were already in the cache
confirm.sewsegments %d segment joins were made
confirm.splitsegments %d segment splits were made
tip.downloadsrtm You can speed this up by calling\nOnline -> Download SRTM tiles\nto save the data in your map cache.
tip.learntimeparams The results will be more accurate if you use\nTrack -> Learn time estimation parameters\non your recorded tracks.
tip.useamapcache By setting up a disk cache (Settings -> Save maps to disk)\nyou can speed up the display and reduce network traffic.
tip.usesrtmfor3d This track doesn’t have altitudes.\nYou can use the SRTM functions to get approximate\naltitudes for the 3d view.
error.learnestimationparams.failed Cannot learn the parameters from this track.\nTry loading more tracks.
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