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A collection of additional crates supporting Actix Web.

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Crates by @actix

actix-cors dependency status Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) controls.
actix-identity dependency status Identity management.
actix-limitation dependency status Rate-limiting using a fixed window counter for arbitrary keys, backed by Redis.
actix-protobuf dependency status Protobuf payload extractor.
actix-redis dependency status Actor-based Redis client.
actix-session dependency status Session management.
actix-settings dependency status Easily manage Actix Web's settings from a TOML file and environment variables.
actix-web-httpauth dependency status HTTP authentication schemes.

Community Crates

These crates are provided by the community.

actix-web-lab dependency status Experimental extractors, middleware, and other extras for possible inclusion in Actix Web.
actix-multipart-extract dependency status Better multipart form support for Actix Web.
actix-form-data dependency status Rate-limiting backed by form-data.
actix-governor dependency status Rate-limiting backed by governor.
actix-casbin dependency status Authorization library that supports access control models like ACL, RBAC & ABAC.
actix-ip-filter dependency status IP address filter. Supports glob patterns.
actix-web-static-files dependency status Static files as embedded resources.
actix-web-grants dependency status Extension for validating user authorities.
aliri_actix dependency status Endpoint authorization and authentication using scoped OAuth2 JWT tokens.
actix-web-flash-messages dependency status Support for flash messages/one-time notifications in actix-web.
awmp dependency status An easy to use wrapper around multipart fields for Actix Web.
tracing-actix-web dependency status A middleware to collect telemetry data from applications built on top of the actix-web framework.
actix-ws dependency status Actor-less WebSockets for the Actix Runtime.
actix-hash dependency status Hashing utilities for Actix Web.

To add a crate to this list, submit a pull request.