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Installing Rust

Since actix-web is a Rust framework you will need Rust to get started with it. If you don't have it yet we recommend you use rustup to manage your Rust installation. The official rust guide has a wonderful section on getting started.

We currently require at least Rust {{< rust-version "actix-web" >}} so make sure you run rustup update to have the latest and greatest Rust version available. In particular this guide will assume that you actually run Rust {{< rust-version "actix-web" >}} or later.

Installing actix-web

Thanks to Rust's cargo package manager you won't need to explicitly install actix-web. Just depend on it and you're ready to go. For the unlikely case that you want to use the development version of actix-web you can depend on the git repository directly.

Release version:

actix-web = "{{< actix-version "actix-web" >}}"

Development version:

actix-web = { git = "" }

Diving In

There are two paths you can take here. You can follow the guide along or if you are very impatient you might want to have a look at our extensive example repository and run the included examples. Here for instance is how you run the included basics example:

git clone
cd examples/basics
cargo run
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